For more photos of 1 August 2012 see our Flickr gallery.


On 1 August 2012 CMC members globally will celebrate the second anniversary of the entry into force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM).

Here are some campaigners’ plans for this occasion.

Organising an activity on CMC’s global day of action is a great hook to engage policy makers, the media, and campaign supporters in your country.

Take action in your country and make the most this of special occasion to:

  • engage decision makers to make progress on universalisation or implementation of the CCM;
  • encourage your government to register and prepare for the Third Meeting of States Parties to the CCM (3MSP), 11-14 September in Oslo;
  • raise public and political awareness of the need for action against cluster munitions;
  • you could even use the occasion to undertake fundraising activity for your organisation.


You may like to organise an action under the collective banner of ‘Join the team’ as a fun and engaging way to reach out to campaign targets. Holding a sports themed activity can be a way of bringing people together behind the goal of a ban on cluster munitions and to build a sense of a team behind the cause. This theme builds on the success of the 2011 global action day and also ties in with a sports-filled few months ahead (including the Olympics from 27 July - 12 August and Paralympics from 29 August - 9 September).


Here are some tools that will help you promote your activities to a wider audience. Please download and use them!

Use this Template press release to create your own nationally-focused press release to send to your media contacts.

Use this Social media guide to find out how you can link in with the rest of the CMC’s global network, and promote your work to a worldwide audience through your own social media channels.

Use these Key global messages about 1 August, the CMC and the Convention on Cluster Munitions to guide and inform all your media and communications work around your activities.

Use the following logos:

Join the Team logo (main)                English    French    Spanish    Arabic
Join the Team logo (including url)    English    French    Spanish    Arabic


Whatever you choose to do, make sure it ties in with your advocacy goals around the Convention on Cluster Munitions. You could:

  • Organise a sports match or tournament, with teams of government representatives, embassies, NGOs, survivors, professional sports people, celebrities or media.
  • Encourage supportive officials to reach out to non-CCM state officials through sporting activities – in the style of ‘ping pong diplomacy’.
  • Gather supportive statements from high profile sports personalities to engage media attention.
  • Invite relevant policy makers to existing sporting events being held locally, as an opportunity to engage them to make progress on the treaty.
  • Set yourselves (or campaign supporters) a sporting challenge e.g. a sponsored race or endurance activity.
  • Hold a mass participation event engaging members of the public to the cause of cluster munitions.
  • Seek further ideas from disability sports organisations in solidarity with cluster munition survivors.
  • Check out the 2011 Flickr photo gallery.
  • See details of 2011 Join the Team Actions for inspiration.

For more information and ideas on how to celebrate the 1 August read the CMC Action Alert:

CMC Action Alert (English)
CMC Action Alert (French)
CMC Action Alert (Spanish)