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On 1 August 2010, the Convention on Cluster Munitions formally enters into force and all of its provisions become fully and legally binding for the countries that have signed and ratified it. The clock will start ticking for these States Parties to meet their obligations, which include:

  • declaring and destroying stockpiled cluster munitions within eight years;
  • identifying and clearing cluster munition-contaminated areas within 10 years; and
  • assisting affected communities and cluster munition survivors so that they can be fully included in society and enjoy their fundamental human rights.

CMC member organisations worldwide will celebrate this historic milestone through a number of campaign actions in their own countries to mark entry into force, including beating the drum to ban cluster bombs. In the lead-up to entry into force, the CMC will be calling on non-signatory countries to join the Convention without delay. We’ll also remind ratifying countries that, as of 1 August, the clock begins ticking on deadlines to destroy stockpiles and clear contaminated land. The CMC will mark entry into force in partnership with governments that have joined the Convention as well as United Nations agencies and international organisations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross.


Take part in the countdown to entry into force!

23 April marks the beginning of the 100-day countdown to 1 August and entry into force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. The countdown will be an opportunity to carry out actions to promote signature and ratification of the Convention, and raise awareness of its entry into force.

Suggested actions include:

  1. Carry out a national action to urge your government to sign or ratify the Convention - send a letter, have a meeting with officials, do media outreach, launch an online action, or hold an event.
  2. Take part in the global action:
  • Send a letter to the target country - particularly if it’s in your region. Copies of CMC’s letter will be sent out each week to the campaign for you to adapt and use.
  • Post an article on your website about that country and why it should join the CCM. Articles prepared for the CMC website will be available for you to post on your websites and send to media outlets.
  • Send a short testimonial statement from you or an influential advocate in your country to use in online campaigning. More information on social networking will be sent shortly by Conor Fortune.
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness about entry into force and why these countries should sign the Convention. Follow CMC on www.twitter.com/banclusterbombs and re-tweet the messages. Join the Facebook group Ban Cluster Bombs International and post messages about the actions you are taking.

Each week of the countdown, CMC will target a non-signatory country to urge them to sign the Convention. Cambodia will kick-start the action on 26 April, followed by Tajikistan (3 May), Vietnam (10 May), Brazil (17 May), Jordan (24 May), Argentina (31 May), Serbia (7 June), Grenada (14 June), Bangladesh (21 June), Papua New Guinea (28 June), Sudan (5 July), Slovakia (12 July), Morocco (19 July), Thailand (26 July).


Campaign materials for the countdown to Entry into Force:


For more information on the entry into force of the Convention in Cluster Munitions and the First Meeting of States Parties, please download this CMC fact sheet: From Words to Action on Cluster Bombs - questions and answers on the CCM in 2010