07 October 2008

Cluster Bomb Survivors Tour Launching in Midwest Today

Urging Senators, President-Elect to Ban Cluster Munitions(Chicago, October 7, 2008) - Soraj, a 17-year old boy from Afghanistan who lost both legs to an American cluster bomb, Raed, the father of a five-year-old boy killed by these weapons in south Lebanon, and Lynn, the mother of a U.S. Marine who died in Iraq while cleaning up U.S. dropped cluster bomblets have gathered in Chicago. They will travel to key mid-western states from October 6-15 to build public support for Senate legislation that would effectively ban the U.S. from using and exporting cluster bombs.The tour comes at a critical time in our campaign, as the global treaty banning cluster bombs will be opened for signature in early December.Senators need to hear that residents of their states won't stand for any further unnecessary deaths or maiming of civilians or U.S. troops from the use of American cluster bombs. The cluster bomb survivors will meet with religious and community leaders, students, local Congressional offices, and the press to bring attention to the cluster bomb ban and urge U.S. leaders to ban these weapons now. They will also brief staff at the presidential headquarters of Barack Obama about the devastation these weapons wreak on bodies, families, and communities.Find out below if the tour is coming to a city near you! To find details on the events, go to www.uscbl.org.CLUSTER BOMB SURVIVORS SPEAKING TOURChicago: Tues, Oct 7 12:30-2PM, MacArthur FoundationSouth Bend: Wed, Oct 8, 12-1PM, Holy Cross College, Main AtriumGrand Rapids: Wed, Oct 8, 7-8:30PM, Community of Christ Church, 2140 Union AvenueLansing: Thurs, Oct 9, 7PM, Michigan State University, 105 South Kedzie HallAnn Arbor: Friday, Oct 10, 9:30-10:30, Memorial Christian Church, 730 TappanDearborn: Fri, Oct 10, 12:30-2 PM, Arab American MuseumCleveland: Sat, Oct 11, 4-6PM, AACCESS-Ohio, 11555 Lorain AvenueColumbus: Sun, Oct 11, 7PM, Northwood High Building, Room 100Richmond: Mon, Oct 12, 6PM, Earlham CollegeIndianapolis: Tues, Oct 14, 7PM, Earth House Caféwww.uscbl.org