28 October 2008

Global Week of Action to Ban Cluster Bombs - Update Day 2

Tuesday, 28 October 2008Read about actions and events that took place on Tuesday, 28 October:Cambodia launches ban busCampaigners in Cambodia launched the ‘Cambodian Cluster Munitions Ban Bus' in Phnom Penh yesterday, 27 October. They have visited deminers, rehabilitation centers, cluster munition affected villages, and pagodas, collecting hundreds of signatures for the People's Treaty and informing people about the upcoming signing conference in Oslo. This morning, provincial authorities welcomed the Ban Bus with a ceremony at a pagoda attended by more than a hundred local residents, school children, and cluster munitions victims. Tomorrow they wioll visit a fenw more cluster munition affected villages before heading back for a final tour around Phnom Penh. The Ban Bus will complete its tour with an event at UNDP hosted by UN Resident Coordinator Douglas Broderick.Check out the photos of the Cambodian Ban Bus here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/clustermunitioncoalition/sets/72157608452005633/Dutch campaigners visit embassies of Greece, Finland, Poland & RomaniaCampaigners from IKV Pax Christi in the Netherlands paid a visit to the embassies of Finland, Greece, Poland and Romania in the Hague, elaborating on the Convention. Conversations lasted about half an hour per embassy, exchanging the regular arguments and encouragements. All embassies have ensured they will report back to their capitals about the letter and visit.Take a look at their photos here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/clustermunitioncoalition/sets/72157608446093760/Campaigners have also sent letters to all countries that have adopted in Dublin but that have not yet made a public statements that they will sign in Oslo, encouraging them to make such a statement. Letters have also been sent to the observer states in Dublin, encouraging them to sign the convention. In total around 80 letters were sent.A significant amount of media coverage has been generated in the Netherlands from their actions:Nederlandse campagnevoerders: teken de Conventie over Clustermunitiehttp://www.oneworld.nl/index.php?page=4_2&articleId=15122Wereldwijde actieweek tegen clustermunitiehttp://www.gelderlander.nl/algemeen/dgbinnenland/3934505/Wereldwijde-actieweek-tegen-clustermunitie.eceNederlandse campagnevoerders: teken de Conventie over Clustermunitiehttp://www.vluchteling.org/index.asp?pageid=d61eda58783d4371893fcff91f34901aActie Bij Ambassades Tegen Clusterbommenhttp://denhaag.rtvwest.nl/nieuwsitem/23004A free newspaper ‘de Spits' also published a short article on the action in the Hague.Gambia launches media campaignCampaigners from WANEP in the Gambia have launched their media campaign yesterday which has included a 1 hour radio programme on Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) and issuing a press release which has been picked up The Observer and The Point.Here's coverage in The Point national newspaper:Global Week of Action on Cluster Munitionshttp://thepoint.gm/africa/gambia/article/2008/10/28/global-week-of-action-on-cluster-munitionsJapan asks parliament members and Minister to sign in OsloThe Japanese Campaign sent letters to the executives of the ‘Diet' (parliamentary) caucus on cluster munitions, including the speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask that they publicly announce to sign the Convention in Oslo. In addition, campaigners held a symposium last Friday called ‘Sign and Ratifying the Treaty'. The symposium was covered by newspaper Mainichi, and a religious newspaper. Photos will follow.New Zealand campaigners ask Malaysia to sign in OsloCampaigners from Aotearoa New Zealand CMC launched a letter-sending action targeting the Malaysian embassy in Wellington New Zealand, calling on Malaysia to sign the treaty.http://www.stopclusterbombs.org.nz/2008/10/28/action-day-2-malaysia-ban-cluster-bombs/South Africa lies down against cluster bombsOver 100 campaigners gathered outside the Gauteng Legislature in Johannesburg yesterday for a demonstration and a ‘lie down' against cluster bombs, to call on the government of South Africa to sign the treaty in Oslo. Over 100 signatures have been collected for the People's Treaty. Interviews were done on Kaya FM radio and SA FM radio, as well as in print media including the The Star. Campaigners are calling on the South Africa to publicly announce that they will sign the Treaty, the government is currently undergoing internal consultations in order to make this decision. The ‘lie down' took place after the screening of the ICRC film ‘Time to Act' at City Hall in Johannesburg.Take a look at the photos from their event here and a copy of the article in The Star:http://www.flickr.com/photos/clustermunitioncoalition/sets/72157608446435092/Sweden must ban cluster bombs and sign in Oslo!An action alert was sent to the campaign yesterday calling on the Swedish government to ban cluster bombs and sign the treaty in Oslo. Although Sweden adopted the treaty in Oslo, Sweden's Foreign Minister has expressed concern that the major users and producers will not sign and that Sweden will wait to see the outcome of the CCW before deciding whether to sign. Campaigners in the following countries have taken part in the action: Nigeria (who also hand-delivered the letter to the embassy in Abuja), Somalia, Switzerland, Uruguay and the UK. Let us know if you've also sent this letter so we can add you to the list!If you haven't sent it, it's not too late to take action in Sweden! Download the letter and information on how to send it here:http://www.stopclustermunitions.org/take-action/CMC animation: Your Signature Can Save Lives!CMC has launched an animation for campaigners to use on their websites throughout the Global Week of Action and in the run up to Oslo to encourage visitors to sign the People's Treaty and call on all governments to ban cluster bombs and save lives. Please let us know if you have put it on your website. 330 people have watched it so far!You can watch it here:http://www.youtube.com/CMCInternationalContact Natalie Curtis for instructions on how to upload it onto your website natalie@stopclustermunitions.orgTake Action!Write to Thailand's Foreign Minister and urge Thailand to sign in Oslo!Ask THAILAND to sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions by adapting and sending the attached letter to Thailand's Foreign Minister Sompong Amornwiwat. Thailand is not affected by cluster munitions but many of its neighbours in South East Asia are, including Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. Thailand stockpiles US-manufactured cluster munitions (CBU-71 and Rockeye) and is concerned that it will not be able to destroy its stockpiles. Thailand has taken part in several Oslo Process meetings and participated in Dublin as an observer. Many of Thailand's stockpiles are old and will need to be destroyed anyway, and under the Convention they can seek assistance in doing this. Call on Thailand to show solidarity with its affected neighbours and sign the Convention in Oslo!The letter and information on how to send the letter is attached, it can also be downloaded here:http://www.stopclustermunitions.org/take-action/