31 December 2008

Japan's foreign minister Nakasone meets his Laotian counterpart

(Vientiane, 12 January 2009) - Japan and Laos have agreed to call on countries to sign the treaty to ban cluster bombs.Japanese Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone and Laotian Foreign Minister Thongloun Sisoulith held talks in Laos. They agreed the two countries will ask countries that refuse to sign the treaty, such as the United States and China that have cluster bombs, to sign the treaty.Japan has already decided to provide about 770,000 dollars to Laos to deal with unexploded cluster bombs in the country. Thongloun thanked Japan and says he appreciates that Japan has signed the treaty.Nakasone said it is important that as many countries as possible participate in the treaty. He also said Japan will continue to assist in dealing with unexploded cluster bombs. (QNA) ST/MD(http://www.qnaol.net/QNAEn/News_bulletin/News/QNAEn )