06 October 2008


The Cluster Munition Coalition is supporting the National Regulatory Authority for UXO, Lao in hosting a media trip from 19th-21st October to Laos, the most cluster bomb affected country in the world, for journalists wishing to cover the historic signing of the groundbreaking new treaty banning cluster bombs, by over 100 governments this December. It will include interviews with victims in and around their homes, access to hospitals, a prosthetic limb centre, the chance to film/photograph clearance teams including a live demolition and a visit to The Plain of Jars, the heritage site denied to the world because of extensive cluster bomb contamination. Strong personal stories have been identified with media appeal. The final day of the trip will be at the South East Asia regional conference on the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Here journalists will be given the chance to cover discussions on the treaty by South East Asian governments, including affected countries Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and stockpilers such as Indonesia, on how the treaty will make a difference on the ground and who is likely to sign it. The signing of the treaty in Oslo on 3rd December is expected to generate a news storm with the UN Secretary General, Foreign Ministers from over 100 governments, cluster bomb victims, Nobel Peace Laureates and campaigners from all over the world in attendance. A strong hook for news, features and documentaries. The trip will begin on Sunday 19th October in Vientiane and run until Tuesday 21 October. Journalists can join the trip at any point, but will be expected to cover their own flight and hotel costs. For more information and the full schedule contact Natalie Curtis at the Cluster Munition Coalition: Natalie@stopclustermunitions.org, +44 (0) 20 7820 222, +44 (0)7515 575174October 27th – 2nd November