24 October 2008

The Ban Bus in Romania, 20 - 23 October 2008

Photos: Mette EliseussenOn 21 October, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in partnership with FOND and PATRIR organized, a public forum at the Law Faculty in Bucharest on the occasion of the Ban Bus visit in Bucharest.The main speakers during the event were Mr. Øystein Hovdkinn - the Ambassador of Norway to Romania, Cristina Balan - Information Officer, UN Information Centre Bucharest, and the Ban Bus representatives. The purpose of the public event was to present the campaign to the national NGOs, public authorities, the national press and students.On 22 October, a dinner was organized in order to facilitate further discussions among the campaigners, the Norwegian Embassy representatives, the press and FOND representatives. In a less official environment, the main topic of the discussions was how the Romanian press could raise more awareness on the issue and how NGOs could contribute to continue the campaign in the future and ensure high visibility and effectiveness of the initiative.Read more about the event on the website of the Norwegian Embassy:http://www.norvegia.ro/policy/cluster/initiative/Ban+Bus.htmThe Ban Bus Tour in the Romanian press:http://www.jurnalul.ro/articole-online/113/the-ban-bus-tour--sa-salvam-vieti-nevinovateContact:Claudia Iatan, Mc_cla@yahoo.com