20 August 2014

Central America Seeks to be First Region Free of Cluster Bombs - See AFP Coverage

Costarica Delegation At CCM Signing599x350 - ©Gunnar Mjaugedal/catchlight.no

Costa Rica Delegation at CCM 2008 signing conference - Oslo, Norway. ©Gunnar Mjaugedal/catchlight.no

"Central America Seeks to be First Region Free of Cluster Bombs," reports Agence France Presse, following statements by the Costa Rica Minister of Foreign Affairs at a workshop held in San José on Monday 18 August. The workshop titled "Costa Rica and Humanitarian Disarmament," was held in advance of the Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, taking place in San José 2-5 September. 

The workshop was organized by the Foreign Ministry, the Presidency of the Republic, the Costa Rica Association of Journalists and the Cluster Munition Coalition.

See the full coverage in in English and in Spanish.