03 July 2014

Worrying evidence of cluster munition use in Ukraine

Photographs and videos circulating online suggest that cluster munitions have been used in Ukraine, but the circumstances surrounding their use remains unclear.

From the visual evidence, the Armament Research Services blog has identified the remnants of a 300mm 9M55K cargo rocket anda  9N235 fragmentation submunition. The images were reportedly taken at Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine.

Circumstances surrounding the incident of use, including who employed the cluster munitions remain unclear and investigations continue. The 9M55K rocket is fired from the 9K58  Smerch multiple-launch rocket system, which is known to stockpiled by both Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine and Russia are not party to the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions, which comprehensively bans cluster munitions and requires their clearance and victim assistance.

The Cluster Munition Coalition condemns all use of this horrific weapon, by any actor under any circumstances.