25 November 2015

Germany Destroys All Its Cluster Munitions

Germany SD

Cluster bomb decommissioning in Germany. (c) Cluster Munition Coalition

Germany completed the destruction of its entire stockpile of cluster munitions on 25 November 2015, almost three years ahead of its mandatory deadline. Congratulations!

The German Federal Foreign Office, jointly with the Federal Ministry of Defense, reported that 50,000 tonnes of cluster bombs were destroyed in recent years.

Recognizing the "immeasurable suffering" caused by cluster munitions, the Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced that "The German Government will continue to help other countries destroy their stockpiles and clear their territory of explosive mines and munitions."

Germany never used cluster munitions, but produced, exported, and imported them in the past. By the end of 2014, Germany had destroyed 99% of a stockpile that once consisted of 573,700 cluster munitions and 58 million submunitions.

"It is a big achievement and a very positive sign that the massive German stocks of cluster munitions now belong to the past. We are proud that we could contribute to this success together with the former NGO Actiongroup Landmine and the Cluster Munition Coalition," said Eva Fischer, Head of Communication and Advocacy at Handicap International Germany.

As a State Party ot the Convention on Cluster Munitions, Germany regularly promotes universalization of the convention and has condemned new use of cluster munitions, including in Syria.

States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions must destroy their stockpiles of cluster munitions within 8 years of the Convention's entry into force.