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CMC member organisations in more than 100 countries are the heart of the campaign and the driving force behind the successful ban on cluster munitions.

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Take action on cluster munition use in Syria and Ukraine

Syria and Ukraine are suffering the horrors of conflict in very different ways, but they have one thing in common – cluster munitions have been used in the past year in both countries and it Syria it is still ongoing.

Continued global outrage following these rare incidents of use is crucial to maintain strong stigmatisation of cluster munitions and help prevent further use. It was the global outrage at use of cluster munitions in Lebanon (and other countries) that secured the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions.


As the horror of use continues in Syria, the perpetrators must hear that use of cluster munitions will not be tolerated and will not be ignored.  Governments should continue to loudly voice their condemnation of ongoing use of cluster munitions in Syria. Further details can be found on the Syria page.

  • Use the CMC Syria memo (EnglishArabicFrenchSpanish) to remind your government to speak out against use of cluster munitions in Syria.


In early July 2014, evidence emerged that strongly indicated ground-launched cluster munitions were used in two separate locations in eastern Ukraine during fighting between Ukrainian government forces and armed insurgents. Since then remnants of both Smerch and Uragan cluster munition rockets have been documented at multiple locations in territory controlled by Ukrainian government forces and in territory controlled by armed insurgents. Further details of the evidence can be found on the Ukraine page.

  • Contact your government today and ask it to: Issue a national statement condemning the use of cluster munitions in Ukriane and call for the conclusion of investigations into who is responsible for the use. Use the CMC Ukraine Memo, available in English, French and Spanish.