14 May 2008

Over 100 Governments Gather In Dublin To Secure Global Ban

Download Media AdvisoryAt the Dublin Diplomatic Conference On Cluster Munitions The final negotiations of the Oslo Process to ban the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster bombs worldwide and ensure support for affected communities including clearance of contaminated land will take place.Some governments have sought to weaken the treaty by calling for exceptions that would allow them to keep their own cluster bombs. Others are suggesting a “transition period” that would allow continued use of the weapons for years after they have been banned. The strength of the treaty depends entirely on the Dublin negotiations and campaigners will be watching closely and urging governments to keep the treaty strong and adopt a comprehensive ban with no loopholes, no exceptions and no delays. The Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC), a network of over 250 non-governmental organisations from 70 countries will be participating directly in the negotiations and carrying out a range of public action activities, high impact photo and filming opportunities and public talks.For more information on the Dublin Diplomatic Conference and the Oslo Process go to: Questions and Answers http://www.stopclusterbombs.ie/media/resourcesThe conference is taking place from Monday 19th May to Friday 30th May, 2008 at Croke Park, Dublin 3, IrelandThe formal conference will open on 19th May with an address from the Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin, CMC spokesperson and cluster bomb survivor Branislav Kapetanovic, International Committee of the Red Cross President Jakob Kellenberger and UNDP representative Ad Melkert. The formal talks will continue for two weeks until 30th May.19th May: Opening Press Conference: Time 11.00am, Location TBC30th May: Closing Press Conference: Time TBCTimes and locations of high impact photo/ filming opportunities, including the handover of half a million signatures to the Irish government by cluster bomb survivors, a protest march and mass lie down in Dublin city centre: http://www.stopclusterbombs.ie/media/resourcesOver 100 governments taking part

  • Nearly 300 campaigners from around the globe
  • Survivors of cluster bombs from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Lebanon, Serbia, Tajikistan and Vietnam.
  • Nobel Peace Laureates
  • Parliamentarians from around the world
  • Former military
  • Mine clearance experts
  • UNDP representatives
  • International Committee of the Red Cross
For bios of interviewees go to: Civil Society Participation: http://www.stopclusterbombs.ie/conference/government_and_civil_society_attendanceMedia AccreditationPlease register online with the Department of Foreign Affairs: https://www.clustermunitionsdublin.ie/mediaform.aspVideo News ReleaseThe EBU will be satelliting the CMC video news release on Wednesday 14th May around 11.35. This contains recent footage (late 2007 and early 2008) of cluster bomb destruction and its horrific impact on civilians in Afghanistan left over from bombing in 2001 and in south Lebanon where the UN estimated that of four million cluster bombs dropped in 2006 up to one million were left unexploded. Live cluster bombs lying in wait in fields, bombed out homes, a prosthesis hospital, victims learning to walk, cluster bombs being dropped and interviews with a 12 year old and 16 year old victim are here, as well as interviews with Human Rights Watch, The Cluster Munition Coalition and a former soldier and deminer. Afghani cluster bomb victim, Soraj, who lost his legs when just ten years old, is featured here in his home town and will travel to Dublin to ensure the voice of survivors are heard.For more information, interview requests, photography and broadcast quality footage contact:International media:Natalie Curtis, Cluster Munition Coalition, +44 (0)7515 575 174, Natalie@stopclustermunitions.orgIrish media:Aisling Garvey, FD, +353 1 6633 607, aisling.garvey@fd.comJimmy Healy, FD, +353 1 6633 608, jimmy.healy@fd.comFor more information on CMC: http://www.stopclustermunitions.org