ICBL-CMC Members


  • Information not currently available


  • Albanian Network to Ban Landmines:

* Alb-Aid NGO
* Albanian Church
* Ecologist of the Region
* Kontakt NGO
* Kukesi NGO
* North in Development NGO
* Victims of Mines and Arms (VMA-Kukes)
* Youth in Free Enterpris

  • Victims of Mines and Arms: Kukes Association






  • Foundation for Demining and Demolition (FDD)



* Austcare
* Australian Network - ICBL
* Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Queensland
* Australian Council for International Development (ACFID)
* Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
* Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament
* Caritas
* Christian Blind Mission International: Australia
* Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils
* Global Action to Prevent War
* International Commission of Jurists - Australia
* Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)
* Mines Victims and Clearance Trust (MiVAC)
* National Council of Churches Australia/Christian World Service (NCCA/CWS)
* Oxfam Australia
* Peace Organisation of Australia
* Safe Ground (Formerly ANBLC)
* Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Uniting Church in Australia
* UNICEF Australia
* United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA)
* Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA
* World Vision Australia

  • Corner Link




    •    Azerbaijan Campaign to Ban Landmines:
* Azerbaijan Committee of the International Humanitarian Movement "Refugees Against Landmines"
* Refugees Against War and Violence


    •    Nasser H. Burdestani (activist)


    •    Latifa Gono Shohay Angon (LGSA)
    •    Nonviolence International Bangladesh
    •    Paltan Development Coordinating Organisation (PDCO)


    •    Belarus Support Center for Associations and Foundations (SCAF)


   •    APOPO
   •    Handicap International Belgium:
* Artsen Zonder Grenzen/ Medecins sans Frontieres
* Belgian Committee for UNICEF
* Belgische Rode Kruis/ Croix-Rouge de Belgique
* Broderlijk Delen
* Entraide et Fraternite
* Forum Voor Vredesaktie
* Greenpeace Belgium
* Human Rights Watch Belgium
* Jesuit Refugee Service- Europe
* Oxfam Belgie/ Oxfam Belgique
* Pax Christi Vlaanderen
* Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles
    •    Netwerk Vlaanderen
    •    Pax Christi International

Bosnia and Herzegovina
    •    Dobra Volja
    •    Eco Sportska Grupa
    •    Handicap International South East Europe
    •    Landmine Survivors Initiatives     
     •    UDAS - Organization of Amputees in Republika Srpska

    •    Linking Mine Action and Development is a national coalition named Coalition for Linking Mine Action and Developmentand Handicap International is currently serving as secretariat of the coalition.
The following organizations are currently members of LMAD Coalition:
* Landmine Survivors Initiatives
* Norwegian People’s Aid
* MDP Initiatives
* Mozaik Foundation
* STOP Mines
* Handicap International
* Center for Development and Support
* Posavina without Mines
* Organization of Amputees of Republika Srpska UDAS
* The Union for Sustainable Return and Integrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina
* The World Without Mines
* HOPE'87 
    •    STOP Mines


    •    Associacao Vida Brasil
    •    Brazilian Campaign Against Landmines and Cluster Munitions
    •    Sou da Paz


    •    Association de Prise en Charge des Orphelins de Guerre
    •    Colonie des Pionniers de Développement
    •    Training Centre for Development of Ex-Combatants (CEDAC)

    •    Cambodia Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions (Jesuit Refugee Service, JRS):
* AAR-VT Cambodia
* AFSC/Cambodia
* Alliance Conflict Transformation (ACT)
* Australian Catholic Relief (ACR)
* Australian Red Cross (A.R.C.)
* Banteay Prieb Center
* Buddhist Monks (work closely with patriarch)
* Cambodian Disabled Peopled Organisation (CDPO)
* Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO)
* Cambodia Mine/Uxo Victim Information System (CMVIS)
* Cambodia Trust
* Caritas
* Catholic Church Battambang
* Catholic Church Kampong Cham
* Catholic Church Phnom Penh
* Catholic Relief Service (CRS)
* Catholic Vicariate
* Church World Service (CWS)
* Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC): sharing information
* Disability Action Council (DAC)
* Handicap International - Belgium
* Handicap International - France
* Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)
* Jesuit Service Cambodia
* Krousar Thmey
* Lavala School
* Lutheran World Service
* Maryknoll / Cambodia
* Mennonite Central Committee
* Mines Advisory Group/Cambodia
* National Center for Disable Person (NCDP)
* New Humanity
* NGO Forum on Cambodia
* Norwegian People's Aid
* U.N.D.P. Mine Action Program Project
* Veteran International
* World Vision/Cambodia
* Youth Star Cambodia
    •    World Vision Cambodia


    •    Global Forum for Defense of Human Rights Association Cameroon
    •    International Club For Peace Research (ICPR)

     •    CMC Canada:
* Anglican Diocese of Ottawa
* British Columbia Voice of Women
* Canadian Association for Mine and Explosive Ordnance Security (CAMEO)
* Canadian Auto Workers Social Justice Fund
* Canadian Baptist Ministries - The Sharing Way
* Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC)
* Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC)
* Canadian International Demining Corps (CIDC) Canine Countermine
* Canadian Paraplegic Association
* Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR)
* Canadian Public Health Association
* Canadian Red Cross (CRC)
* CARE Canada
* Centre for International Epidemiological Training (CIET) Canada
* Christian Aid for Under-Assisted Societies Everywhere (CAUSE Canada)
* Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC)
* Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD)
* Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
* Falls Brook Centre
* The First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa- Peace and Disarmament Committee
* Handicap International Canada
* Heron Rocks Friendship Society
* Landmine Victim Relief Society
* Lawyers for Social Responsibility
* Manitoba Campaign to Ban Landmines (MBCBL)
* Mennonite Central Committee Canada (MCC)
* Mines Action Canada
* One Sky-Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living
* OPIRG Carleton University
* OXFAM Canada
* Pacific Campaign for Disarmament and Security (PCDS)
* Peace and Disarmament Committee:CAW Local 199
* Physicians for Global Survival (PGS)
* Presbyterian World Service and Development (PWS&D)
* Project Ploughshares National
* Results/Résultats Canada
* Save the Children Canada
* Science for Peace National
* The Simons Foundation
* UNICEF Canada
* United Nations Association in Canada
* United Nations Association in Canada – National Capital Region
* Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)
* War Child Canada
* World Vision Canada
* YMCA Canada- International Programs
    •    Mines Action Canada (MAC)
    •    Vision GRAM-International


    •    Contact: Mahamat Awada Djoumaye (Victim Assistance Focal Point)


    •    Amnesty International Chile
    •    Centro Zona Minada - Grupo de Víctimas de Minas y Municiones
    •    Instituto de Ecologia Politica

    •    Campaña Colombiana contra las minas
    •    CIREC Centro Integral de Rehabilitacion de Colombia
    •    Corporación por la Vida y la Asistencia a Víctimas de la Guerra "Retorno y Vida"


    •    Croatian Mine Victims Association
    •    Mine Aid Association
    •    National Association of Survivors and the Defense of Victims’ Interests

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

    •    Association nationale des survivants de mines et de defense des interets des victimes (ANASDIV)
    •    Campagne congolaise pour interdire les mines (CCIM) - Congolese Campaign to Ban Landmines
    •    Droits Humains sans Frontieres


    •    DanChurchAid
    •    Danish Refugee Council (formerly Danish Demining Group - DDG)
    •    Denmark against landmines


    •    Association Victimes de Mines (ASSOVIM)
    •    Djibouti Campaign to Ban Landmines


    •    Protection Against Armaments and Their Consequences (M.A.H.R.F)

El Salvador

    •     Fundación Red de Sobrevivientes y Personas con Discapacidad-El Salvador (Landmine Survivors’ Network El Salvador)


    •     Eritrean Landmine Victims Association


  Advisor of local NGO (YYGM):
    •    Landmine Survivors’ Network Ethiopia
    •    Survivors Recovery and Rehabilitation Organization (SRaRO)
    •    Rehabilitation and Development Organisation (RaDO)
    •    The Institute for Practical Research & Training (IPRT)
    •    Yitawekilin Yekal Gudatangoch Mehiber (YYGM)


    •     Pacific Concerns Research Centre
    •     Pacific Peace and Disarmament Program, Pacific Foundation for the Advancement of Women (PACFAW)


    •    Committee of 100 in Finland
    •    Finn Church Aid
    •    Finnish Campaign to Ban Landmines
* Committee of 100
* Fidida
* Finnish Peace Committee
* Finnish Red Cross
* League of CO´s
* Peace Union of Finland
* Unicef Finnish Branch
* Finn Church Aid
    •    Peace Union of Finland


    •    Agir Ici
    •    APOPO
    •    Campaign for a Turkey without Mines
    •    Federation Nationale des Deportes et Internes, Resistants et Patriotes
    •    Handicap International France:
* Action Chrétienne pour abolition de la torture (ACAT)
* Action Contre la Faim
* Aide Médicale Internationale
* Amnesty International
* Association française contre les myopathies
* CARE France
* Centre de documentation et de recherches sur la paix et les conflits - CDRPC
* Comite Catholique Contre la Faim et pour le Développement
* Comité français pour l'UNICEF
* Comite France Pays du Mékong
* Coordination SUD
* Croix-Rouge Française
* Délégation Catholique pour la Coopération
* Enfants et Développement
* Enfants Réfugiés du Monde
* Fédération Nationale des Déportés
* Greenpeace
* Ingénieurs Sans Frontières
* La Voix de l'Enfant
* Madera
* Médecins du Monde
* Médecins Sans Frontières
* Mouvement Entraide Tiers Monde
* Observatoire des Armements
* Oxfam - Agir Ici
* Partage avec les Enfants du Monde
* Reporters Sans Frontières
    •    Hermes 21
    •    Observatoire Des Transferts D’Armements (CDRPC)
    •    Protection (fka Landmines Struggle Centre, Egypt)
    •    SAT (Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda) Esperanto
    •    Soldiers of Peace International Association


    •    West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP)


    •    Disarmament and Nonviolence
    •    Otava


    •    Facing Finance
    •    Handicap International Germany
    •    Ju Care Kinderhilfe
    •    Solidarity Service International (SODI)


    •     Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA)


    •     CAFRA


    •    ECPAT Guatemala

    •    International Commission on Human Right

    •    Instituto de Ensenanza Para El Desarrollo Sostenible (IEPADES)

Guinea Bissau

    •    Ignitus Worldwide


    •    Control Arms Foundation of India
    •    Global Green Peace
    •    Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environment Protection (Indian Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions):
 * Adhikar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
* All Indian Crime Prevention Society, Delhi
* All Zeliangrong Students Union of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland.
* Arunachal citizens' rights, Arunachal Pradesh
* Baha'i Faith, Central India
* Bangalore Mazdoor Sangh, Bangalore
* Bheemnagr Youth Welfare Association, Kareem Nagar, A.P.
* Braham Vidya Mandir, Pauner
* Center for Rural Education & Economic Development, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu
* Center for Studiers in peace and Non violence, Tirupati
* Central Integrated Pest Management Center
* Centre for Social Knowledge and Action, Ahmedabad
* Chaitneya Youth Association, Bibi Nagar, A.P.
* Citizens Collective, North East India, Guwahati, Assam
* College of Education, Gondia
* Cultural Action for Literacy & Awareness, Hyderabad
* Devine Life Society, Chidananad Vihar, and Bhubaneswar
* Farmers Coop Society, Naya Wathoda. Amravati
* Freedom Fighter Association, I.W.A. Chandigarh, Punjab
* Friends Society, Sholapur
* Future Generation Arunachal, Nahariallgun, Arunachal Pradesh
* Gandhian Institute of Studies, Varanasi
* Group for Environmental Planning and Technology, Mysore
* Harit Kranti, (Green Revolution Association of Farmers), Morshi
* Human Rights Association, Bangalore
* International Center for Peace Initiative, Mumbai
* International Organization of Good Templares, Indian Branch, Bangalore
* IOGT-India, Bangalore
* Indian Society for Human Behavior, Poona
* Jesuit Refugee Service, Tiruchinpalli, T.N.
* Kanti Kala Kendra, Ranchi, Zarkhand
* Khar Youth Frontal Organization, Nagaland
* Lawyers' Association of Bardwan, West Bengal
* Maharaja Surjamal Institute of Education and Research, Rangapur Maulinina, Jammu & Kashmir
* Mahatma Fule Vichar Manch, Warud
* Naga Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals, Dimapur, Nagaland
* National alliance of Women, New Delhi
* National Human Rights Association, Jharkhand State branch
* National Railway Mazdoor Union
* National Women's Welfare Center, Ariyancode, Kerala
* Networking Alliance for Voluntary Action, Kolkata
* New Age Research Institute, Bhubaneswar
* Paryavaran Parishad of India, (Environmental Protection Association) Kota, Rajasthan
* Peace Council of Narkhed
* Rajasthan State Bharat Scout & Guide, Sri Ganganagr, Rajasthan
* Retired Professors Association
* Rural Education Promotion Institute, Nagpur
* Rural People's Welfare Society, Kohima, Nagaland
* Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Khanapur
* Sneha Society for People and Harmony, Kukapally, A.P.
* Society for Community Health, Welfare and Environmental Protection, Tirupati
* Society for Human Awareness and Rural Development (SHARD), Hyderabad
* Society for National integration through rural development, Kandukar, Ongole, A.P.
* Solidarity for Peace, Tiruchinapalli, T.N.
* Sr. Citizens Association of India, Central India office, Nagpur
* St. Ann's College of Education, Mumbai
* Survival Social Trust, Nasik, Maharashtra
* SWADHINA, Kolkata
* Syndicate Bank Officers Association
* The Puppet, Pune
* UNESCO club of Central India
* UNESCO Club of Nagaland, Kohima, Nagaland
* Vinoba Vichar Manch, Nagpur
* Women Layers' Association, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
* World Wild Life, Maharashtra Branch, Aurangabad
* World Union, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry


 •    Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Indonesia:
* LaPasip


    •    Bustan Association for Children’s Protection and Education
    •    Iraqi Handicapped Survivors Society
    •    IMCO
    •    Iraqi Health and Social Care Organisation (IHSCO)
    •    Iraqi Alliance of Disability Organizations (IADO)
    •    League of Iraqi Doctors (LOID)
    •    Mine and UXO Impact Relief (MIR)


    •    The Centre for Supporters of Human Rights (CSHR) (Based in London, UK) 
    •    Association for Human Rights in Kurdistan of Iran (KMMK-G) (based in Geneva)


    •    CMC Ireland
* Afri
* Amnesty International Ireland
* Centre for Peace and Development Studies Limerick
* Children in Crossfire
* Concern Worldwide
* Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign
* Front Line
* Galway One World Centre
* Irish Commission for Justice and Social Affairs
* Irish Lebanese Cultural Foundation
* Oxfam Ireland
* Pax Christi Ireland
* Trocaire
    •    Congolese Irish Partnership
    •    Pax Christi Ireland


    •    Mine-Free Israel / Roots of Peace


    •    Campagna Italiana Contro le Mine


    •    Association for Aid and Relief (AAR), Japan
    •    Japan Initiative
    •    Japanese Campaign to Ban Landmines:
* Association for Aid and Relief, Japan
* Ayus (International Cooperation Network of Buddhism)
* Buddhist Temple Kodo-San
* Bunka Kyoudou Net En
* Cambodia Mines-Remove Campaign
* Chubu Landmine Problems Support Network
* Friends of Battambang
* Fukuoka Action Group for Cambodia Tomorrow (FACT)
* Good Earth Japan
* Green Action Saitama
* Japan Secular Francisca Order, Seibo no Kishi
* Japanese Red Cross Society
* Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)
* Japan Team of Young Human Power (JHP)
* Jesuit Social Center
* Kunamoto Landmine Clearance Campaign
* Nagano Kyouku Bukyo Sounen-kai Renmei
* Network Village Earth
* Peace Boat
* Rhythm Network
* Seibo-no-kishi
* S.J.House (a group of Sophia University)
* Terra Renaissance
* Tokyo Hachioji Y's Men Club
* Ueda - Sha
* Yokohama YMCA Anti Landmine Forum
* Yamanshi Hitachi Construction Machinery co., Ltd


    •     Centre for Research on Arms Control and Security
    •     Handicap International Jordan
    •     Landmine Survivors’ Care and Rehabilitation Society


    •     Center for International Security and Policy


    •    African Centre for Research in the Arts (ACRA)
    •    Kenya Coalition Against Landmines
    •    Handicap International Kenya
    •    Humanitarian Response and Development Organization (HRDO)

Korea, Republic of

    •     Peace Sharing in Korea (formerly Korea Campaign to Ban Landmines):
* Association of Physicians for Humanism
* Buddhist Academy for Ecological Awakening
* Christian Institute for the Study of Justice and Development
* Citizen's Coalition for Economic Justice
* Dentist For Health Society
* Good Friends
* Green Consumers Network
* Korea Church Women United
* Korea Federation for Enviromental Movement
* Korea Landmine Research Institute
* Korea National Congress for Reunification
* Korean Professors' Association for Democratic Society
* Korea Student Christian Federation
* Jeonbuk Solidarity for Peace & Human Rights
* Lawyers for a Democratic Society
* National Alliance for Democracy and Reunification of Korea
* People's Solidarity for participatory democracy
* Preparing Toward One Korea
* Research Institute of the Differently Abled Persons' Right in Korea
* Sarangbang Group for Human Rights
* Solidarity for Christian Citizen Society
* Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea
* Solidarity for world peace and human rights
* Volunteer for human community
* Watching Eyes for clean politics
* Women association for Peace
* Youth Community for literature and art
*Gangwon-do Provincial Office, Korea
*Gyeonggi-do Provincial Office, Korea
*Waseda Univerty in Japan
*Yonsei University Health System
*Yonsei Unversity's volunteer center
*Scranton Women's Leadershil Center (American-Methodist Korean Women's Mission Foundation)
*DMZ Peace Life Vally, Korea
*Severance Hospital
*KMAC group
*Community Chest of Korea
*Korean Red Cross
*United Nations Children's Fund Korean committee

    •    World Without War


    •    Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research


    •    IPPNW- Kyrgyzstan


    •    Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE)
    •    Handicap International Ban Advocates
    •    International Institute for Human Accountability
    •    Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) Lao PDR


    •    Baltic International Center of Education *Cooperation for Peace*


   •    Islamic Rissala Scouts Association (IRSA)
•    Landmines Resource Centre for Lebanon - University of Balamand
   •    Norwegian People’s Aid Lebanon
   •    Vision Association for Development, Rehabilitation and Care


   •    Association of Disabled Females International (ADFI)


    •     Assalama for Mines and UXO Actions

    •    Free Fields Foundation


    •    Antico
    •    Association of Serbian Women in the Republic of Macedonia
    •    BANSA
    •    Journalists for Children and Women Rights and Protection of the Environment in Macedonia
    •    Union for the Women’s Organisations of the Republic of Macedonia


    •    Centre For Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR)


    •    West African Journalists for Security and Development Network (Réseau des Journalistes pour la Sécurité et le Développement en Afrique de l'Ouest (RJSDAO)   


    •    Women for Social Progress


 •    APOPO
    •    Handicap International
    •    RAVIM- Rede Para Assistência as Vitimas de Minas
    •    DONAKATI- Movement for Inclusion of Persons in Situation of Vulnerability

Myanmar / Burma

    •    Halt Mine Use in Myanmar/Burma
    •    Humanitarian Mine Action Initiative (HMAI)
    •    Myanmar Campaign to Ban Landmines (MCBL)
    •    Ta'ang Students and Youth Organization (TSYO)


    •    Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal (NCBL)


    •    Amnesty International, NL
    •    Cordaid
    •    Dutch Campaign Against the Arms Trade
    •    International Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons - Sticht. Laka(ICBUW)
    •    NOVIB
    •    PAX (formerly IKV Pax Christi)
    •    Somaliland Societies in Europe Network (SSE)
    •    Stichting DOCA
    •    Stichting Vluchteling
    •    UNICEF Nederland
    •    Vredesbureaut Wite Huis
    •    Werkgroep Wapenhandel

New Zealand

    •    Aotearoa New Zealand Cluster Munition Coalition:
* Amnesty International NZ
* Aotearoa Lawyers for Peace
* Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand
* Christian World Service
* Engineers for Social Responsibility NZ
* Oxfam NZ
* National Council of Women of New Zealand
* National Consultative Committee on Disarmament
* Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament, NZ
* Pax Christi Aotearoa-NZ
* Peace Foundation NZ
* Peace Foundation Disarmament and Security Centre
* Peace Movement Aotearoa
* United Nations Association NZ
* United Nations Youth Association of NZ
* Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Aotearoa
    •    New Zealand Campaign Against Land Mines


    •    Handicap International
    •    Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policies - Instituto de Estudios Estratégicos y Políticas Públicas (IEEPP)


    •    Iansa Women Network Nigeria


    •    Norwegian People´s Aid (NPA)
    •    Women4NonViolence


    •    Alliance for Peace & Disability Rights (APDR)
    •    ASRA (Helping Hands)
    •    Community Appraisal and Motivation Programme (CAMP)
    •    Community Motivation & Development Organization
    •    Sustainable Peace and Development Organisation (SPADO)

    •    Disabled Without Borders Organization


    •     Amnestia Internacional Paraguay


    •     Instituto de Seguridad y Derechos Humanos


    •    CMC Philipinas
    •    The Philippine Campaign to Ban Landmines


    •    IPPNW - Russia / Russian Campaign to Ban Landmines


    •    Association of Landmine Survivors and Amputees of Rwanda (ALSAR)


    •    Initiative Solidaire des Actions de Développement (ISAD)


    •    Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM)
    •    Assistance Advocacy Access - Serbia
    •    Belgrade Centre for Human Rights
    •    Centre for Communication Justice
    •    Citizens’ Association Educational Centre Leskovac
    •    Civic Library Pirgos
    •    Civilian War Victims Association
    •    Norwegian People’s Aid Serbia
    •    Roma Association for Children Development (RACD)
    •    Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
    •    HORA - Group for the emancipation fo women

Sierra Leone

    •    Sierra Leone Action Network on Small Arms (SLANSA)
    •    Stand Fourah Bay Chapter


    •    Amnesty International Slovakia 


    •    Pekarna


    •    Somalia Coalition to Ban Landmines (SOCBAL)

South Africa

    •    Ceasefire
    •    Institute for Security Studies
    •    SaferAfrica

South Sudan

    •    South Sudan Action Network on Small Arms (SSANSA)


    •    Greenpeace Spain
    •    Grup Eirene
    •    Fundació por la Pau
    •    Justicia y Paz (Centre d’Estudis per a la Pau JM Delàs)
    •    Moviment per la Pau
    •    Plataforma per la Pau Lloret
    •    SETEM
Sri Lanka

    •    Sri Lanka Campaign to Ban Landmines/Forum for Disarmament and        Development

    •    Sri Lanka Foundation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled


    •    ABRAR Organisation for Care of War Disabled and Protection From Landmines
    •    International Sisterhood Charity Organisation
    •    SLIRI
    •    Sudan Campaign to Ban Landmines (SCBL) / JASMAR Human Security Organization:
* Aali charitable organization
* ABRAR Organization for Care of war disabled & Protection from landmine
* Action On Disability &Development
* African Charitable Society for Mother & Child care
* African Organization for mine Action
* Al muassasa Al sudania Limukafahat AlFager
* Al Sinara Society for Development and Capacity Building
* Alzamala Charity Organization (MUZON)
* Alzarga organization for rural development
* Ana assudan organization
* Angato for peace & local community development organization
* Awn Organization for Humanitarian Development
* Charity organization for Rehabilitation & Development (CORD)
* Civic Aid International Organization
* Clemency Agency for Reapplication and Development
* Cloud Charitable Organization
* Comprehensive Peace Charity Organization
* Danish Church Aid (DCA)
* Disaster Management & Refugees Studies Institute
* Elkak Women and Children Development Organization
* Elhikma Organization for Health and social welfare
* El-Neelein Organization for Peace and Development
* Friend of Peace and Development Organization
* Global Health Foundation (GHF)
* Hawa Organization
* Humanitarian Aid& Development Organization.
* Human Security Initiative Organization
* International Agency for Development & resettlement
* International Organization for Women care in Defected areas
* International sisterhood charitable Organization
* Ishrag Charity Organization for Rehabilitation & Development
* Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA)
* Islamic Relief World Wide
* JASMAR Human Security Organization
* Laddingra Organization for Peace and Development
* Landmine Action UK
* Lina center for peace & conflict
* Maarij Foundation For peace & Development
* Mandy National Charity Association
* Mine Combat Organization
* Mubadiroon Organization for prevention of Disaster &war Impacts
* National Federation of Sudanese youth
* National Organization for Rehabilitation & Development
* National Peace Organization
* Nuba mountains mine action Sudan
* Nuba Mountains Solidarity Aboard
* Om Elmomineen Charitable Organization
* Organization For Promotion of Peace & Development Initiatives
* Patients helping fund-sudan
* Pawad Cultural & Social Development Charity Association
* Peace and Tolerance International Organization.
* Peace Youth Association
* Relief and Development society (RDS)
* Roots Organization for Development
* Rufaida Health Foundation
* Save the children Sweden
* Save the children USA
* Small Scale Enterprise Society
* Students Organization For Deming
* Sub -Sahara International Development Organization
* Sudan Athletic Association
* Sudan Council of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA)
* Sudan Development Association
* Sudan Self-help Foundation
* Sudanese Agency for Mine Action & Development
* Sudanese Demining Organization
* Sudanese development initiative
* Sudanese Environment Conservation Society
* Sudanese Red Crescent Society
* Sudanese Women Union
* Sudanese Zande Woman Association
* The international center for studies & Research (ICSR)
* Twasol-Amal charity Organization for patient care and Rehabilitation of Disabled (TACOPACARD)
* War Child Netherlands
* Woman Development Organization ,East Sudan
* Woman Research center (WRC)
* Women Ring Connection Between people and Leaders Association
* Zenab for Woman Development


    •    Parliamentary Forum on Small Arms and Light Weapons
    •    Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society
    •    Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation
    •    United Nations Association of Sweden
    •    WILPF


    •    Centre d´Education et de Formation Integree (CEFI)
    •    Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
    •    Geneva Call
    •    Handicap International Switzerland
    •    International Peace Bureau (IPB)
    •    Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD)
    •    Swiss Campaign to Ban Landmines
* Action de Carême
* Afrika-Kommitee
* Association Bosnie-Herzégovine
* Association de soutien à l'Erythrée
* Association François-Xavier Bagnoud
* Association Suisse des Amis de l'Afghanistan
* Brücke-Le Pont
* Bureau International Catholique de l'Enfance (BICE)
* Caritas/Suisse
* Caritas/Genève
* Centrale Sanitaire Suisse
* Comité de Soutien au Peuple Sahraoui
* Communauté vie Chrétienne
* Coordination Suisse *Droits de l'Enfant*
* Co-Operaid
* Commission Tiers Monde de l'Eglise Catholique (COTMEC)
* Croix-Rouge Suisse
* Déclaration de Berne
* Défense des Enfants International/Section Suisse
* Département Missionnaire des Eglises Protestantes
* Enfants du Monde
* Entraide Protestante EPER/HEKS
* Femmes pour la Paix
* Fédération Genevoise de Coopération
* Fondation Digger
* Fondation Suisse de Déminage
* Fondation Suisse d'aide aux victimes de mines antipersonnel
* Fondation Village d'Enfants Pestalozzi (SKIP)
* Geneva International Peace Research Institute
* Groupe Volontaires Outre-Mer (GVOM)
* Insieme per la Pace
* Justice et Paix
* Médecins du Monde/Suisse
* Médecins sans Frontières (Suisse)
* Medicus Mundi
* Mouvement pour la Coopération Internationale
* Organisation Mondiale Contre la Torture
* Œuvre Suisse d'Entraide Ouvrière
* Pain pour le Prochain (PPP)
* Pax Christi
* Procap
* Société pour les Peuples Menacés
* Swissaid
* terre des hommes schweiz
* Welt ohne Minen
* WWF/Suisse



    •    Harmony of the World
    •    Tajikistan Center to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions


    •    Coalition for Peace and Reconciliation
    •    Handicap International Thailand
    •    Jesuit Refugee Service Thailand
    •    Nonviolence International
    •    Thailand Network for Humanitarian Disarmament (TNHD):
*Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) – coordinator
*Nonviolence International Southeast Asia (NISEA)
*Pong Nam Ron Survivor Network (PNR SN)
*Thai Civilian Deminers Association (TDA)
*Catholic Office for Emergency Relief and Refugees (COERR)
*Peace Road Organisation Foundation (PRO)
 •    Thai Campaign to Ban Landmines:
* Asian Disaster Preparedness Center ADPC
* Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities International (APDI)
* Association of the Physically Handicapped of Thailand (APHT)
* Catholic Office for Emergency Relief and Refugees (COERR)
* Disabled Peoples' International (DPI) Asia-Pacific
* General Chatichai Choonhavan Foundation (GCCF)
* Jesuit Refugee Service - Asia Pacific (JRS)
* Nonviolence International Southeast Asia (NISEA)
* Peace Road Organization Foundation (PRO)
* Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H. The Princess Mother
* Wheelchair and Friendship Center of Asia Thailand (WAFCAT)


    •    West Africa Network for Peace Building (WANEP)


    •    NATA (Tonga Disabilities Self Help Organisation)

Trinidad and Tobago

    •    Women's Institute for Alternative Development (WINAD)


    •    Initiative for a Mine Free Turkey


    •    Tuvalu Association of NGOs (TANGO)


    •    IPPNW - Uganda
    •    People with Disabilities Uganda
    •    Uganda Landmine Survivors Association:
* Christian Support to Landmine Survivirs, Lira
* Gulu Landmine Survivors Group
* Kasese Landmine Survivors Network
* Kasese War Widows Network
* Kitgum Landmine Survivors Association
* Lira Landmine Survivors Association
* Oyam Landmine Survivors Association
* Pader Landmine Survivors Group
* Agago Landmine Survivors Association
* Yumbe Landmine Survivors Association
* Apac Landmine Survivors Association
* Amurru Landmine Survivors Association


    •    Contact:Olekisij Kocherev, Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor Researcher
    •    Ukrainian Peacekeepers Association
United Kingdom

    •    Action on Armed Violence (AOAV)
    •    Action on Disability and Development (ADD)
    •    Aid International / Mercy Corps
    •    Amnesty International - International Secretariat
    •    Amnesty International, UK
    •    Article 36
    •    Campaign Against the Arms Trade
    •    Church of England
    •    Friends of Lebanon
    •    Handicap International UK
    •    Jesuit Refugee Service UK                                                                    
    •    Mines Advisory Group (MAG)
    •    Motivation Charitable Trust
    •    Oxfam
    •    Pax Christi UK
    •    Peacerights
    •    POWER International
    •    Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
    •    Soroptimist International UK Programme Action Committee (PAC)
    •    The Church of England´s Public Affairs Unit
    •    The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
    •    The UN Association of the UK
    •    Womens International League for Peace, UK


    •     Asociación de Lucha para el Desarme Civil (ALUDEC)

United States

    •    US Campaign to Ban Landmines:
* Amnesty International USA
* Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Washington Office
* Friends Committee on National Legislation
* Handicap International-USA
* Human Rights Watch
* Jesuit Refugee Service/USA
* Landmine Survivors Network
* Physicians For Human Rights
* Roots of Peace
* United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society
* United Nations Association of the USA's Adopt-A-Minefield Campaign
* U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Office of Social Development and World Peace
* U.S. Fund for UNICEF
    •    Adopt a Minefield (United Nations Association USA)
    •    Alliant Action
    •    Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC)
    •    Clearpath International
    •    Coalition against Landmines (CALM)
    •    CODEPINK: Women for Peace
    •    Friends Committee for National Legislation (FCNL)
    •    Fund For Reconciliation and Development
    •    Human Rights Watch
    •    International Peace Studies, University of Wisconsin
    •    Just Foreign Policy
    •    Landmines Blow
    •    Lee and Gund Foundation
    •    Legacies of War
    •    Medicine for Peace
    •    Mennonite Central Committee U.S.
    •    Northwest Veterans For Peace
    •    Proud Students Against Landmines and Cluster Bombs (PSALM)/West Virginia            Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Bombs (WVCBL)
    •    Survivor Corps
    •    Veterans for Peace (USA)
    •    Vineeta
    •    War Legacies Project
    •    We Help War Victims
    •    World Conference of Religions for Peace


    •     Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association


    •     Amnesty International Venezuela


    •    Association for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (AEPD)
    •    Landmine Survivor Aid Group (LSAG)
    •    Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)Vietnam
    •    Project RENEW
    •    Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF)


    •    Yemen Mine Awareness Association


    •   Zambia Foundation for Landmine Survivors (ZAFLAS)
    •   IPPNW Zambia
    •    Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD)
    •    Zambian Campaign To Ban Landmines


    •    Zimbabwe Open University



 •    Abkhazia Campaign to Ban Landmines
* Association Inva Sodeistvie
* Centre for Humanitarian Programs
* Landmine victims
* Narts
* Private individuals
* Sukhum Youth House
* The HALO Trust (Abkhazia Program)


 •    Focus

Latin America


 •    Somaliland Campaign to Ban Landmines


•    Corner Link (based in Australia)
•    Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Western Sahara

    •    Asociacion Saharaui de Victimas de Minas - ASAVIM
    •    Red de estudios sobre efectos de minas terrestres y muros en Sahara occidental (REMMSO)
    •    Saharawi Campaign to Ban Landmines