Resources for states

A range of resources to provide governments with information on the Convention on Cluster Munitions

These include briefing papers on different aspects of the convention; overviews of the current signatories, States Parties and states not party; links to the convention's text; ICRC toolkits on how to ratify or accede to the convention; and videos on thematic areas of the convention.

CMC model legislation

The Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) has produced a model law for governments to implement the Convention on Cluster Munitions. 

The CMC model law draws on a report by Human Rights Watch and the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic on key components and positive precedent for Convention on Cluster Munitions legislation. Those organizations have also produced a compilation of specific examples of supportive legislation.

The ICRC has also produced a model national legislation for Common Law states, as a tool for States in the process of developing their national legislation in accordance with Article 9 of the convention.

New Zealand has produced a model national legislation for small states that do not possess cluster munitions and are not contaminated by them.

ICRC Ratification and Accession Toolkit

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has produced a Ratification (and Accession) Toolkit for governments to support their domestic ratification processes. This kit includes a model instrument of ratification to be deposited with the UN Secretary General.