The Fifth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions

2-5 September 2014, San Jose, Costa Rica

The Fifth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (5MSP) took place in San Jose, Costa Rica 2-5 September 2014. At this meeting, States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions gave progress updates on implementing their treaty obligations and took key decisions on items including the structures to support the implementation, and universalization of the Convention.

Central America became the first region to become free of cluster munitions with Belize announcing its accession to the international treaty banning cluster munitions, and the Republic of Congo announcing its ratification of the treaty, during the meeting, bringing the number of states that have joined the Convention to 114.

States spoke out strongly in support of the global ban on the weapon, and nearly 40 countries spoke out at the meeting to condemn or express concern about recent or ongoing cases of cluster munition use. In the final report of the meeting all states Parties formally condemned any use of cluster munitions, anywhere, by anyone.

CMC Statements and Summaries

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5MSP statements, including those of governments and partners, can be found on the Convention website:


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Government Memos

Outcome Documents
All outcome documents from the Fifth Meeting of States Parties, as well as additional information and resources, can be found on the treaty webpage:

Cluster Bomb Use
During 5MSP dozens of countries spoke out to condemn or express concern about recent or ongoing cases of cluster munition use. See the CMC dedicated webpages for more information on cluster munition use in Syria, Ukraine and South Sudan, and condemnation of use to-date.

Other Tools and Resources

  • Cluster Munition Monitor 2014 was launched on 27 August 2014 and findings were presented to 5MSP delegates during a side event at the meeting. Focusing on 2013 and the first half of 2014, the latest edition of the Monitor details global developments in ban policy, survey and clearance of cluster munition remnants, and casualties and victim assistance.
  • All CMC materials can be found on the resources section of the CMC website:
  • Staying Strong: Key Components and Positive Precedent for Convention on Cluster Munitions
    A new Human Rights Watch report providing guidelines for strong legislation to implement the Convention on Cluster Munitions received public recognition in the plenary at 5MSP. New Zealand, coordinator of the working group of national implementation measures, described the report as one of three key “reference points” on the topic. ICRC similarly listed the report among useful tools for countries drafting implementation laws. The report, Staying Strong, identifies key components and positive precedent for effective national implementation legislation. The report complements early model laws by ICRC and New Zealand. Read the HRW press release.
  • Cluster Munition Contamination in Lebanon. A new report by Mines Advisory Group (MAG), based on survey data, was presented in plenary at 5MSP. The aims of the project were twofold. Firstly, to confirm areas of remaining contamination as accurately as possible and inform operational planning. Secondly, to identify the socio-economic impact of remaining clearance and provide this information to LMAC to inform and improve operational prioritisation.
  • Stop Explosive Investments. The CMC and PAX (formerly IVK Pax Christi) held a side event at the 5MSP, providing an update on the Stop Explosive Weapons campaign and presenting the finding of the 2013 update of 'Worldwide Investments in Cluster Munitions; a shared responsibility' by PAX. The 2014 update of the report will be published on 27 November 2014. For more information see

Events and Exhibitions

'We Can Stop Cluster Bombs'

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The CMC launched its new 'We Can Stop Cluster Bombs' logo at 5MSP. Government representatives, partners including UNMAS and ICRC, and CMC campaigners, including cluster munition victims, had their photos taken in front of the new logo. Together, we CAN stop cluster bombs!

View the 'We Can Stop Cluster Bombs' photos here.

Living in Danger: Iraq’s cluster bomb legacy

Iraq Exhibition Samson 180X180 Iraq Exhibition Video 180X180 Iraq Photography Exhibition 180X180

A photography exhibition by photographer Sean Sutton, commissioned by the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) in collaboration with Mines Advisory Group (MAG), was displayed in front of plenary, throughout the week at 5MSP. A short video, to accompany the exhibition, was also screened during the week.

Iraq is one of most the most heavily contaminated countries in the world as a result of cluster bomb strikes in the 1991 Gulf War and during the 2003 invasion.

Through photographing and interviewing cluster munition survivors, affected community members, clearance experts, and mine risk awareness educators in northern Iraq, this exhibition highlighted the devastating impact of cluster munition use. The photos also showed how, with support, this terrible legacy is being overcome.

The photographs and video from the exhibition will be made publically available later this year, and will be promoted on the CMC website and via social media.

CMC Screening of 'On Safer Ground'

On Safer Ground 2 180X180 On Safer Ground 180X180 On Safer Ground 3 180X180
The CMC hosted a movie evening at 5MSP, in collaboration with the governments of Costa Rica, Lao PDR, and Sweden, and the Costa Rican Football Federation.

The documentary 'On Safer Ground' is the true story of a team of football mad teenagers from Laos, the most heavily bombed country on earth, who travel to Sweden to compete in the Gothia Cup, the biggest  footbal tournament in the world.

Government delegates and partners who attended the screening were moved to laughter and tears! The movie was followed by a Q&A with film-maker Gareth Carter and Mini Phanthavong – one of the young stars of the film, who helped describe the impact that cluster munition remnants have on the daily lives of the people of Laos. View photos from the event on CMC Flickr

For enquiries about screening the film in your own country, please contact