First Review Conference of the Convention on Cluster Munitions

Read CMC activity report (in pdf) for the First Reveiw Conference.

The First Review Conference gathered some 100 states in Croatia, from 7-11 September 2015. The Dubrovnik Declaration and Dubrovnik Action Plan adopted at the Conference show states' strong resolve to end the suffering caused by cluster munitions.

Croatia We Can Stop Cluster Bombs
Hrvoje Debac and Dijana Plestina from the Croatian Mine Action Office. ©CMC

The Conference was marked by Colombia's ratification of the Convention and Cuba's announcement that it would join soon.

Statements from States Parties and non-signatories included strong language condemning use of cluster munitions, with States Parties reaffirming their commitment to the Convention's unique partnership with civil society, grounded in needs of survivors and protection of civilians.

In the lead up to the Review Conference, the CMC focused its efforts on increasing the number of States Parties, working together with our global network and in close cooperation with our key partners – states, the ICRC and the UN. The CMC monitored and promoted progress on implementation of the Convention.

Press Releases

More States Embrace Ban on Cluster Munitions In Face of New Attacks; 90% of Declared Cluster Munition Stocks Destroyed, 3 September 2015 (Launch of Cluster Munition Monitor 2015)

New States Parties, Condemnation of Cluster Munition Use Highlight First Review Conference, 7 September 2015

States Embrace Ambitious Plan to Rid the World of Cluster Munitions; Condemn Any Use by Anyone, 11 September 2015

CMC Statements at the First Review Conference

Opening statement

High Level Statement

Survivors' messages

International Cooperation and Assistance


Stockpile Destruction

National Implementation Measures

Victim Assistance




Cluster Munition Monitor 2015

The Cluster Munition Monitor 2015 was released on 3 September at the UN Office in Geneva. A briefing on key findings of the report was organized on 7 September, the first day of the First Review Conference in Dubrovnik.

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CMC Delegation Biographies (cluster munition and mine survivors)

Campaign materials

  • Memo for Government Delegates: The CMC memo provides guidance on key issues pertinent to the First Review Conference of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. It helps the delegates to prepare and actively participate in the Review Conference. Click here to download the Memo in Arabic, English, French and Spanish
  • Campaign toolkit
  • CMC Briefing paper: ‘Why and how all states should join the Convention on Cluster Munitions’ (English & French)
  • CMC Briefing paper: ‘The Conventionon Cluster Munitions’ (English & French)
  • CMC Briefing chart: ‘Convention on Cluster Munitions – status of African countries’ (English & French)
  • CMC Briefing paper: ‘Cluster Munitions - A banned weapon’ (English)
  • Model law designed by and for African states (English & French)
  • Model ratification/accession memo for Parliament (English & French)
  • ICRC Model legislation for the Convention on Cluster Munitions (English, French, Spanish)
  • New Zealand Model legislation for the Convention on Cluster Munitions (English)
  • Stop Explosive Investments Campaign
  • "We Can Stop Cluster Bombs" logo.

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  • "Living in Danger: Iraq's Cluster Bomb Legacy" video


Preparatory work

CMC Statement on Programme of Meetings, Second Preparatory Meeting, 24 June 2015

CMC Statement on Political Declaration, Second Preparatory Meeting, 24 June 2015

CMC Statement at First Preparatory Meeting, 5 February 2015

100 States Challengea 2014 call by Costa Rica, the President of the Convention, for States not party to join the Convention on Cluster Munitions by the First Review Conference