06 April 2014

Fourth Intersessional Meeting of the Convention on Cluster Munitions

The Fourth Intersessional Meeting of the Convention on Cluster Munitions is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 7-9 April 2014. The lifesaving Convention on Cluster Munitions bans cluster munitions and requires clearance of contaminated areas and assistance to victims.

This Intersessional meeting brings together government representatives from States Parties, signatory states and non-signatory states to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, in addition to UN agencies, international organizations, civil society and cluster munition survivors.

States Parties and Signatory states are invited to take stock of the progress made so far in implementing the Convention on Cluster Munitions, and any challenges or obstacles they are facing, as well as any requirements for international assistance. It is an opportunity for signatory states to make announcements regarding ratification. Non-signatories are encouraged to attend to announce progress on acceding to the Convention and to learn more about the Convention and its obligations.

There will also be an update on the preparations for the Fifth Meeting of States Parties (5MSP) that will take place in San José, Costa Rica from 2-5 September 2014.

The CMC has a prominent role in these meetings, bringing expertise from the field – including the voices of survivors – sharing research and analysis of progress made under the treaty, lobbing governments to ensure they respect their commitments, and sharing information with global stakeholders and the media.

For more information, including links to official documents for Intersessional Meetings, please see the CMC 2014 Intersessional webpage. CMC statements delivered during the meeting will be available on this webpage.