01 September 2014

Human Rights Watch Reports Evidence of Cluster Munition Use by Islamist State Forces in Syria

 Islamic State Cluster Use Syriahawarnews599x350

Kurdish authorities in `Ayn al-`Arab/Kobani have provided information and photographs to HRW indicating cluster munitiion use by Islamic State forces.

CMC member Human Rights Watch reports today new evidence that Islamic State forces used ground-fired cluster munitions in at least one location in northern Syria in recent weeks. The disturbing news comes as states prepare for the opening of the Fifth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, taking place this week in San José Costa Rica.

The use of cluster munitions by non-state actors such as the Islamic State highlights the urgent need for Syria and all nations that have not yet done so to join the ban on cluster munitions and destroy their stockpiles.