29 January 2020

São Tomé and Principe Becomes 108th States Party to CCM

Congratulations to SãoTomé and Principe on becoming the 108th State Party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions! In ratifying, São Tomé also becomes the 34th country in Africa to join the life-saving treaty.

São Tomé is the first country to ratify the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) in 2020, an important milestone as we head towards the treaty's Second Review Conference in Switzerland in November. The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs holds the Convention Presidency this year as States Parties and stakeholders call for all states to join the treaty without delay. The Dubrovnik Action Plan, agreed at the First Review Conference in 2014, calls for 130 States Parties by 2020. 

São Tomé was one of a handful of early signers to the CCM which had not yet ratified. Thirteen remaining countries have signed but not ratified the life-saving treaty. 


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