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The Convention on Cluster Munitions was signed by 94 states when it opened for signature in Oslo, Norway on 3 December 2008.  On 16 February 2010, only 15 months later, the 30th state ratified the Convention, triggering its entry into force on 1 August 2010. Now that the Convention has taken effect, States Parties are bound by all of its terms.

Since the Convention entered into force, it is no longer open for signature and states can no longer sign and then ratify. States must now become bound through the process of “accession” which has the same effect as ratification.  Signatory states must still ratify the Convention now that it has entered into force.  Each country that has signed to Convention must still ratify it in order to become a State Party bound by the Convention’s provisions.

For the 30 states that ratified and triggered the Convention’s entry into force, it also entered into force for those states nationally on the same day – 1 August 2010 – making them States Parties to the Convention.  For all states that subsequently accede to or ratify the Convention, it enters into force on the first day of the sixth month after their ratification or accession.

The CMC urges as many states as possible to accede to or ratify the Convention and promote its norms.

Who has joined the Convention on Cluster Munitions

Order of ratifications / accessions

Who has not yet joined the Convention on Cluster Munitions


113 countries have joined the Convention and 84 are States Parties:

Country Signature Ratification/Accession Entry into force date
Afghanistan 03-Dec-08 08-Sept-11 1-Mar-12
Albania 03-Dec-08 16-Jun-09 1-Aug-10
Andorra 09-Apr-13 01-Oct-13
Angola 03-Dec-08
Antigua & Barbuda 16-Jul-10 23-Aug-10 1-Feb-11
Australia 03-Dec-08 08-Oct-12 1-Apr-13
Austria 03-Dec-08 02-Apr-09 1-Aug-10
Belgium 03-Dec-08 22-Dec-09 1-Aug-10
Benin 03-Dec-08
Bolivia 03-Dec-08 30-April-13 1-Oct-13
Bosnia and Herzegovina 03-Dec-08 07-Sep-10 1-Mar-11
Botswana 03-Dec-08 27-Jun-11 1-Dec-11
Bulgaria 03-Dec-08 06-Apr-11 1-Oct-11
Burkina Faso 03-Dec-08 16-Feb-10 1-Aug-10
Burundi 03-Dec-08 25-Sep-09 1-Aug-10
Cameroon 15-Dec-09 12-Jul-12 1-Jan-13
Canada 03-Dec-08
Cape Verde 03-Dec-08 19-Oct-10 1-Apr-11
Central African Republic 03-Dec-08
Chad 03-Dec-08 26-Mar-13 1-Sep-13
Chile 03-Dec-08 16-Dec-10 1-Jun-11
Colombia 03-Dec-08
Comoros 03-Dec-08 28-Jul-10 1-Jan-11
Congo, Democratic Republic of 18-Mar-09
Congo, Republic of 03-Dec-08
Cook Islands 03-Dec-08 23-Aug-11 1-Feb-12
Costa Rica 03-Dec-08 28-Apr-11 1-Oct-11
Côte d’Ivoire 04-Dec-08 12-Mar-12 1-Sep-12
Croatia 03-Dec-08 17-Aug-09 1-Aug-10
Cyprus 23-Sept-09
Czech Republic 03-Dec-08 22-Sep-11 1-Mar-12
Denmark 03-Dec-08 12-Feb-10 1-Aug-10
Djibouti 30-Jul-10
Dominican Republic 10-Nov-09 20-Dec-11 1-Jun-12
Ecuador 03-Dec-08 11-May-10 1-Nov-10
El Salvador 03-Dec-08 10-Jan-11 1-Jul-11
Fiji 03-Dec-08 28-May-10 1-Nov-10
France 03-Dec-08 25-Sep-09 1-Aug-10
Gambia 03-Dec-08
Germany 03-Dec-08 08-Jul-09 1-Aug-10
Ghana 03-Dec-08 03-Feb-11 1-Aug-11
Grenada 29-Jun-11 1-Dec-11
Guatemala 03-Dec-08 03-Nov-10 1-May-11
Guinea 03-Dec-08
Guinea Bissau 03-Dec-08 29-Nov-10 1-May-11
Haiti 28-Oct-09
The Holy See 03-Dec-08 03-Dec-08 1-Aug-10
Honduras 03-Dec-08 21-Mar-12 1-Sep-12
Hungary 03-Dec-08 03-July-12 1-Jan-13
Iceland 03-Dec-08
Indonesia 03-Dec-08
Iraq 12-Nov-09 14-May-13 1-Nov-13
Ireland 03-Dec-08 03-Dec-08 1-Aug-10
Italy 03-Dec-08 21-Sep-11 1-Mar-12
Jamaica 12-Jun-09
Japan 03-Dec-08 14-Jul-09 1-Aug-10
Kenya 03-Dec-08
Lao PDR 03-Dec-08 18-Mar-09 1-Aug-10
Lebanon 03-Dec-08 05-Nov-10 1-May-11
Lesotho 03-Dec-08 28-May-10 1-Nov-10
Liberia 03-Dec-08
Liechtenstein 03-Dec-08 04-Mar-13 1-Sep-13
Lithuania 03-Dec-08 24-Mar-11 1-Sep-11
Luxembourg 03-Dec-08 10-Jul-09 1-Aug-10
Macedonia, FYR 03-Dec-08 08-Oct-09 1-Aug-10
Madagascar 03-Dec-08
Malawi 03-Dec-08 7-Oct-09 1-Aug-10
Mali 03-Dec-08 30-Jun-10 1-Dec-10
Malta 03-Dec-08 24-Sep-09 1-Aug-10
Mauritania 19-Apr-10 1-Feb-12 1-Aug-12
Mexico 03-Dec-08 06-May-09 1-Aug-10
Moldova, Republic of 03-Dec-08 16-Feb-10 1-Aug-10
Monaco 03-Dec-08 21-Sep-10 1-Mar-11
Montenegro 03-Dec-08 25-Jan-10 1-Aug-10
Mozambique 03-Dec-08 14-Mar-11 1-Sep-11
Namibia 03-Dec-08
Nauru 03-Dec-08 04-Feb-13 1-Aug-13
Netherlands 03-Dec-08 23-Feb-11 1-Aug-11
New Zealand 03-Dec-08 22-Dec-09 1-Aug-10
Nicaragua 03-Dec-08 02-Nov-09 1-Aug-10
Niger 03-Dec-08 02-Jun-09 1-Aug-10
Nigeria 12-June-09
Norway 03-Dec-08 03-Dec-08 1-Aug-10
Palau 03-Dec-08
Panama 03-Dec-08 29-Nov-10 1-May-11
Paraguay 03-Dec-08
Peru 03-Dec-08 26-Sep-12 1-Mar-13
Philippines 03-Dec-08
Portugal 03-Dec-08 09-Mar-11 1-Sep-11
Rwanda 03-Dec-08    
Saint Kitts and Nevis 13-Sep-13 1-Mar-14
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 23-Sept-09 29-Oct-10 1-Apr-10
Samoa 03-Dec-08 28-Apr-10 1-Oct-10
San Marino 03-Dec-08 10-Jul-09 1-Aug-10
São Tomé and Principe 03-Dec-08
Senegal 03-Dec-08 3-Aug-11 1-Feb-12
Seychelles 13-Apr-10 20-May-10 1-Nov-10
Sierra Leone 03-Dec-08 03-Dec-08 1-Aug-10
Slovenia 03-Dec-08 19-Aug-09 1-Aug-10
Somalia 03-Dec-08
South Africa 03-Dec-08
Spain 03-Dec-08 17-Jun-09 1-Aug-10
Swaziland 13-Sep-11 01-Mar-12
Sweden 03-Dec-08 23-Apr-12 1-Oct-12
Switzerland 03-Dec-08 17-Jul-12 1-Jan-13
Tanzania 03-Dec-08
Togo 03-Dec-08 22-Jun-12 1-Dec-12
Trinidad and Tobago 21-Sep-11 1-Mar-12
Tunisia 12-Jan-09 28-Sep-10 1-Mar-11
Uganda 03-Dec-08
United Kingdom 03-Dec-08 4-May-10 1-Nov-10
Uruguay 03-Dec-08 24-Sep-09 1-Aug-10
Zambia 03-Dec-08 12-Aug-09 1-Aug-10